“How can we empower buyers and sellers to lead their sale?”

The ask

Create a leading residential real estate platform by demystifying the home buying and selling process and giving consumers more control over their transactions.

My role

– Determine design strategy
– Create user stories for site features
– Design user experience & annotate functionality
– Prototype interactions for client use

Owners.com is a consumer-centric real-estate platform. In an overwhelming, mystifying industry, Owners offers buyers and sellers the resources to lead their sale without the need for a typical real estate agent.

Over the course of several months, we attempted to understand the quintessential buyer and seller experience and pinpoint users’ frustrations with the current model. Through user interviews, emotion mapping, and social listening, we were able to determine the tools and resources necessary to guide users (relatively) painlessly through the buying and selling process.

01 - Competitive Audit

02 - Buyer & Seller Journeys

03 - Emotion Maps

04 - Feature Set/User Stories

In addition to redesigning the global elements of the experience (login / registration, navigation, account, profile), I focused my efforts on the property detail page and saved listings and search drawer designs.

The goal of the PDP designs was threefold; 1) create consistency across properties - this was critical for users to easily compare properties and quickly eliminate homes that did not fall within their criteria; 2) clearly present the information most important to users; and 3) allow users to take action whenever necessary - if buyers were ready to make an offer, schedule a tour, or ask a follow-up question, it was important that they have that ability without the use of a third party.

The saved search/listing experience allowed users to easily access properties they had previously favorited and conserve time by eliminating the need to type in their search criteria each time they returned to the site.

05 – Property Detail Page/h3>

06 - Property Detail Page Mobile

07 - PDP Annotations

08 - Saved Drawer

09 - Saved Drawer Annotations